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When you buy niche websites from us, you get an unique, attractive, authority quality custom niche site just for you and only you.  We focus the keys to success with keyword research, on-site SEO optimization, and loads of content that our competition tends to fall short on.


You Can Buy Niche Websites Custom Built For You!

When you buy our niche websites, we will create you a unique and attractive custom niche website just for you and only you.  We put great focus in the keyword research and SEO optimization of your site while ensuring all content meets various readability criteria.  Additionally our sites are tuned to provide good Google PageSpeed Scores and page load times.

We provide many premium features that you won’t find with our competitors.

Quality Niche Selection

We take time to research what people are searching for and buying. Then we check out how competitive it is so you can get started as easily as possible.

Complete On-Site SEO Optimization

We tune your site to achieve the best opportunity for your content to rank.  After all, this is the main reason you buy niche websites instead of building it yourself.  You want an attractive site that ranks.  We put a lot of effort into ensuring good content structure, link building, and other onsite seo techniques.

High Performance

We ensure our sites perform up to standards in today’s market.  Google considers performance in it’s ranking and we are here to help make them happy.  While we can not guarantee the actual performance scores because of factors outside our control.  Typically our site get a Google page score in the 80 range and a page load time from pingdom at under 1 second.

Custom Niche Report

When you use our custom niche website builder service, we create a report outlining your site, content, keywords, product reviews, and internal link structure.  Furthermore we provide you with additional keywords and products for you to create future content.

Over 14,000 Words of Custom Content

We can not emphasise enough how important original, readable, and engaging content is for your site.  This is how people will find you and keep visiting your site.

Opt-in Form and Lead Download Page

Collect leads on your site to market your future content to or use to promote additional advertising.  This is a great way to keep interested readers up to date with all your latest information. Also the forms integrate with most mail service providers.

Premium responsive theme and plugins

You get what you pay for and we paid up front to use one of the best theme services on the market.  Your site will display neatly in  a web browser, on a table, or on a phone with no issues.  Additionally we have provided many other plugins with your site to aid you in social sharing, reviewing new content, performance, and monetizing your new niche website.

Attractive Design & Logo

Your logo is custom created when you buy our niche websites .  We then customize your site to make it unique and attractive for your chosen niche.  At the end you will have a clean, professional, and attractive website that is distinctly yours.

Free Training Videos for Managing Your Niche Site

When your site is done we don’t just leave you to fend for yourself.  We provide several training videos to help you get started and hit the ground running.

Unlimited Revisions for 30 Days!

If something is wrong or needs changed, we will correct it ASAP for you for the first 30 days!  Whether it is a spelling mistake, bad image, an article change, or some unforeseen issue from amazon, adsense, or your niche.  We will work to change it free of charge.

Lifetime of Free Support

We are always here to help or answer questions.  Niche One On One will always do what we can to help you succeed whether it’s tomorrow or next year.  You will find we are always here to help you in any way we can.

Additional Details

Delivery Time: 2 to 4 weeks


Magazine Content Provided:

  • Inner page long tail articles – 9 X 1000 word articles (buyers guides, how to’s, general info)
  • Inner page product reviews – 6 X 700 word articles
  • Lead magnet article – 1 X  800 word articles

Long Article Content Provided:

  • Homepage – 2500 words (targeting higher search volume keyword(s).
  • Inner page long tail articles – 8 X 1000 word articles (buyers guides, how to’s, general info)
  • Inner page product reviews – 4 X  700 word articles
  • Lead magnet article – 1 X  700 word articles


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