Frequently Asked Questions

What software is used?

We use WordPress with Elegant Themes and plugins.

What other expenses are involved?

Besides the fee for the package, the domain will cost $15 for one year and hosting on a month to month plan $12 per month. Also plan to budget at least $50 monthly for content and a little link building.

Who do you recommend for hosting?

While we can work with most hosting services,  we recommend using Site Ground.  We have had great service and support from them.  You can get your account setup at the Website

What is the earning potential?

This depends on many factors like what keywords your ranking for, what your products are, how much content your publishing, etc…  because of this there is no one direct answer and each sites earnings will be unique.

We like to see at least a minimum of $300 monthly.

How long will it take my site before it starts earning?

Today good rankings will take time. Considering the site is not neglected, we generally like to see decent earnings within 6 months.

Do you offer off-page SEO?

We handle everything you need to earn online income from an on-site standpoint, however we do offer some off-page SEO services at SEO Niche Pro. Currently this is a separate service and there will be no link building included with the packages

What is your delivery process?

Once payment is submitted we research out your niche and keywords, after we have your approval here we will help you register a domain and hosting. From here you can relax while we get into your build which consists of designing the site, content creation, uploading the new content and optimizing the site. After we run our quality checks will will launch the site. This all happens within 4 weeks. It’s rare we go beyond this time but if we do you will be compensated with a free site.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds however we want you to be happy with your purchase. Because of this we offer 2 weeks of free revisions once your site is delivered. If there is something that your not satisfied with, please let us know and we will do what we can to satisfy you.

Is domain name and hosting included?

Domain name registration and hosting is not included. You’ll need to register these in your name. We are happy to guide you through this process and help you come up with a brandable name if needed.

How many articles will come with the site?

Long Article Style Homepage Package

  • Homepage – 2500 words (targeting higher search volume keyword(s).
  • Inner page long tail articles – 8 X 1000 word articles (buyers guides, how to’s, general info)
  • Inner page product reviews – 4 X  700 word articles
  • Lead magnet article – 1 X  700 word articles

Magazine Style Homepage Package

  • Inner page long tail articles – 9 X 1000 word articles (buyers guides, how to’s, general info)
  • Inner page product reviews – 6 X 700 word articles
  • Lead magnet article – 1 X  800 word articles
Can a newbie maintain these sites?

Our sites are newbie friendly!



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